Monday, September 18, 2006

DVDs Galore!!!!!!!!!

With so many new DVDs out my credit card has been going crazy at Amazon and Cd-WOW. I could only get two of them in Canada cos the rest weren't released while we were there. But Amazon has been rather quick with its international shipping so I have two dvds sitting in my hot little hands right now. Soooo many TV boxsets. And this week is the start of the madness, with some of the new seasons starting. We are watching so many US shows these days, and the occasional UK show. And the 18th season of The Simpsons :)

So I graduate next week, which is far more exciting than it sounds. Last time I checked, jeans and sweatshirt are not suitable attire so I'm screwed. I spent a good part of Saturday afternoon trying to find something but I swear the stores have nothing but casual or skank or ugbo clothes (and yes ugbo is a word cos I said so). Urghhhhhhhhh...

It's Toru's birthday this weekend. He's going to be old! I'm taking him to Wellington next month for his present.

Oh and there are more photos to put on flickr from our trip (Toru's photos) and I will get around to that at some stage.

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